ENEN Ludzie wspaniałomyślnie przynoszą mi pod drzwi mieszkania makulaturę, ja kręcę, kręcę, kręcę, a następnie plotę, plotę, plotę. I kręci mnie bardzo to "recyklingowanie" i polecam tę czynność innym. ENEN


My name is Mag­dalena Godawa. I live and work in a small town in the Karkonosze Moun­tains. Its quiet and absolutely beau­ti­ful l, which makes it per­fect envi­ron­ment for my inspi­ra­tions and new inter­est of recycling.

My love of hand­i­crafts came as a child when I would watch my very tal­ented grand­fa­ther in his weav­ing mill while he was sculp­tur­ing in the wood and weav­ing in wicker. From then on my hands were always busy paint­ing, cut­ting , sewing or weav­ing . I look out where I live and see untouched beauty. I want to be able to keep the nat­ural envi­ron­ment but live mod­ern at the same time. My neigh­bour­hood then forced me to think of pos­si­bil­i­ties to launch new items and dec­o­ra­tions where the pro­duc­tion doesn’t require heavy indus­try, but absorbs prod­ucts of big fac­to­ries and con­cerns and also how used and left items can come back to the cir­cu­la­tion and cause to become the spe­cial objects.

A few years ago my art activ­i­ties allowed me to extract the gum like mate­r­ial found in thick rub­ber divid­ing cur­tains com­monly found in ware­houses. Along side other uses I have pro­duced welling­tons. From var­i­ous scraps of mate­r­ial I am also sewing patch­work hand­bags, cos­metic bags and cov­ers for trin­kets, but what fas­ci­nates me the most is waste paper, the ones that come from the short­est ‘liv­ing’ leaflets, mag­a­zines and daily news­pa­pers which I have found makes the ideal mate­r­ial for weav­ing. The mate­ri­als I col­lect for research are inspir­ing me to these new ideas and I am find­ing them all over the place and around me. As you can see I have so many ideas I just wish the days were longer.

I would like to share my ideas and expe­ri­ence I have gained over the years so I am will­ing to teach in var­i­ous parts of Poland and reveal the secrets of recy­cling waste paper.

The grad­u­a­tion piece from the Insti­tute of Fine Arts in Zielona Gora in 2009.
Diploma ‘Reflec­tion and Dia­log’ in ate­lier of Pro­fes­sor Stanis­law Kortyka.
In the same time in the stu­dio of assis­tant pro­fes­sor Leszek Kan­flewski I was doing col­lages.
In 2008 I was awarded a schol­ar­ship founded by Pol­ish Pub­lic Tele­vi­sion for teenagers ‘cre­ative val­ley – what the young arts is look­ing for’

The exhi­bi­tions which I was tak­ing part in:
Prtic­i­pa­tion 2008 Zielona Gora and Poz­nan (col­lages)
Mosaic – Lubuski The­athre Zielona Gora (paint­ings)
Hand Made Poland – Barcelona 2010 (eco design)
Re Act Work­sop Lodz 2010 (eco design)
Design in Base­ment – War­saw 2010 (eco design)
Tri­en­nale of the small paint­ings forms Torun 2010(paintings)
Malamyga Sztukar­nia war­saw 2010 (col­lages and paint­ing)
Artists for the planet – Lend Art Fest­val
Re.Produkt3-IWP War­saw 2011 (eco design)
Time of the Angels – “Ring” gallery, Leg­nica 2011 (col­lage)
Megafolc, ethnic/eco/empathic, Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy, War­saw 2011 (eco design)
Eth­nic inspi­ra­tions, Gdansk 2011 (instal­la­tions from waste papers)

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